In a future world, where the creation of artificial humans has led to a caste of "non-people," the fight for civil rights takes on new meaning. Zach was just a guy looking for a novel one-night stand. Mary was searching for her place in the world. They found each other. A loner who's an expert on lust but a novice when it comes to love, falls for a naive but beautiful androne. He teaches her what it means to be human, but can't give her what she really wants--her freedom. Asimov's Science Fiction magazine describes Mortals All as "Steeped in the ambience of classic 1950's Galaxy satire, irreverent anti-establishmentarianism, and pseudo-hardboiled narration...Golden writes with zest and good pacing...a certain flippancy of characterization and delivery..." Speculative Fiction Reader says, “A sexy, sometimes satirical take on a unique and forbidden relationship...a wry look at the human condition in the tradition of Heinlein and fiction with heart, and a book destined to leave a lasting impression.”

  • Livre de Reliure: Paperback
  • Catégories: Book
  • Editeur: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Part Number: black & white illustrations
  • Édition: 2

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