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Detail Flâneur: The Art of Wandering the Streets of Paris :

"An inspiring book for flâneurs and Paris lovers"
A man walks the streets of Paris, alone and without a destination. He travels long avenues of great buildings, loses himself in the crowds at the Grands Magasins. Wrapped up in a black overcoat, he wanders the city restlessly. But what is he looking for? Where is he going? 
This book teaches you how lose yourself in the city: it contains stories of promenades and urban adventures, stories of dandies and flâneurs... It contains information regarding characters, authors and artists who have wandered the streets of Paris. By reading these pages you will discover the secrets of flânerie, the noble art of wandering without a destination.

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  1. Itineraries of flânerie (map)
  2. Instructions for reading this book
  3. Prologue - Into the street 
  4. How to be a true flâneur
  5. A day in the life of a flâneur 
  6. Once there was the flâneur
  7. Getting lost 
  8. Where to wander in Paris 
  9. Drifting along the boulevards 
  10. The ruins of Paris
  11. A dangerous game 
  12. The city of tomorrow 
  13. Shopping as one of the fine arts 
  14. Paris spleen 
  15. Epilogue - At the gate 
  16. Memorandum for flâneurs
  17. Bibliography